Getting Started

SiMX Target Application Development Suite, install it, evaluate it, buy it, register it.

Install Target Application Development Suite

              1. You can download the Target Application Development Suite installation package here or select a specific edition form the Purchase/Download page on our website.
              2. Fill in the required fields with valid information and click on the Download button for Target Application Development Suite
              3. When your browser shows the "File Download - Security Warning"*, click on the "Run" button to install Target Application Development Suite immediately or, click on the "Save" button to download the installer program then run it later. (* Microsoft IE)
              4. After the program is installed go to Start -> All Programs -> SiMX -> Target Application Development Suite to run it.

Evaluate Target Application Development Suite

The trial version of Target Application Development Suite includes a version of SiMX TextConverter with an output limitation of 100 records and a time limit of 7 days. This limitation is removed when you purchase a license. The trial period can be extended by creating an account on the SiMX site and requesting a Trial Key from the Support page. More

Buy Target Application Development Suite

Once you have evaluated Target Application Development Suite and found it to your satisfaction you can purchase one or more licenses. TextConverter Server Edition is included in the Target Data Procession Suite (TDPS) and the Target Application Development Suite (TADS). For more information, contact us.  

Register Target Application Development Suite

              1. After purchasing your license(s) you will receive your customer key
              2. Use your customer key to register the software: copy/paste it into the appropriate field in the Evaluation Dialog (that appears when running the trial version) or in the Register Dialog (obtained from the Help -> Register menu).

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