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This will execute an SQL statement against an underlying data source


Function Execute( command, hints, result )


string command  - the SQL statement to execute
variant hints  - execution hint(s) (optional):
"true" or "ignore" - to ignore any errors
"norep" - not to replace invalid characters in the statement
array result - the execution result (optional)

Return Values

variant the result of the execution as follows:
Empty - if no records were returned, or all the field values are NULL
A scalar value - the result of an UPDATE SQL operation, or the record ID of a new record created by an INSERT operation
A single Array - when only one field was requested. When only a single record is returned, it will be an array with a single item in it.
An Array which contains another Arrays - the outer array represents fields, the inner arrays contain values for each fields.


To populate an array by a record's values:

Dim fields
"SELECT TOP 1 * FROM MyTable", fields

fields now is an array filled with values from the record's fields.

Get a scalar result of an execution:
Dim count
count = this.DS.Execute( "UPDATE Employees SET Salary=65000 WHERE Age > 45" )

count now contains the number of affected records

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