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Extracts a word of text from the input. This function is a smart way to locate and parse words just like double clicking highlights a word.


target.strlib.GetWord( input, pos, to_the_right )

input - The input string.
pos - The position from which GetWord will search to the left or right of. (default 0)
to_the_right (Boolean input) - the function returns the next word to the right when true or to the left when false (default is true)

Return value

This function returns a string.


'---------- Start ----------
Function Start
Dim str, str2, str3

str = "Extract Word"
str2 = target.strlib.GetWord( str, 8, false )
str3 = target.strlib.GetWord( str, 8 )
trg.Message( str2&"|"&str3 )

End Function

In this case the first instance of GetWord (str2) takes the word to the left of position 8 because the third parameter (to_the_right) is false, Then the second instance (str3) takes the work to the right of position 8 becuase if the third parameter isn't there, the default is true. 

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