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Pad adds extra padding on the ends of an output value. This function is useful for when an output is required to have a specific length, but the extracted value is too short. Also, if your task requires data to be right or 
left justified, pad allows you to add spaces on the left or right as appropriate.


target.strlib.pad( str, length, "pad_with", left, right );

str: String that needs padding
length: Length of the new padded string
pad_with: Specify character which will be used to pad
left: Boolean value, will there be padding on the left (true or false)
right: Boolean value, will there be padding on the right (true or false)

Return value

This function returns a string

      '---------- Start ----------
      Function Start
      Dim str, str2
          str = "pad"
          str2 = target.strlib.Pad( str, 9, "*", true, true )
          trg.Message( str2 )

      End Function

Here we are padding the input string with asterisks, the initial string length is 3, the desired length is nine, and there will be padding on both sides yielding an output string of ***pad***.

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