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7. Integrator

Integrator provides support for visual design and management of complex database centric applications with advanced web user interface. It enables a wide range of users from data analysts to software engineers to rapidly assemble and maintain custom applications composed out of a number of prebuilt and user-defined problem focused components.

Integrator serves as a convenient hosting environment for all stages of applications’ life development, operation and management. The typical Target applications consist of automated data processing and web user interfaces parts. Both parts can be assembled out of the data enabled (database connectivity capable) components equipped with prebuilt user interfaces. The custom application development comes to selecting, configuring and visually integrating a number of functional components. The integration is done via visual variables (objects) connectivity and sharing. When components are dropped into Integrator, they can expose their variables offering a distinguishing feature: the ability to visually connect involved components by their variables.

Integrator also provides extensive support for data sources adaptation. The Replace Data Source dialog lists all the used data sources, providing adaptation status information about each of the data sources. A simple dialog allows you to adapt data sources that are: missing, not matching in data structure, or connected as input, output and matching of in data structure.