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User Interface

TARGET Reports user interface (UI) consists of four main parts:


The Main Working Area displays a collection of pages contained in the document.
Each page contains page elements (report elements, text, images, etc.).


The Property Editor Pane displays property editors for the currently selected page element. Each page element type has its own assortment of properties.  Each set of properties is edited by a dedicated property editor.  The Property Editor Pane is below the Main Working Area but can docked and un-docked by clicking on the push pin icon in the upper right corner.


The Document Tree displays a hierarchical structure of the final document. It allows document structure modification and page navigation.  The Document Tree is in the upper left corner of the UI.


The Resources Pane contains various resources for report creation (document resources, page resource, resources for report elements, etc.).  Page resources can be dragged and dropped into the Main Working Area.  The Resources Pane is in the lower left corner of the UI.

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