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Document Tree

TARGET Reports document tree represents the document structure in a hierarchical form.


The hierarchy building block is a chapter . You can have as many nested chapters as your document structure requires. Each chapter can have multiple pages  which consist of reporting elements  and other page elements. Document tree helps in building and editing of your document structure and simplifies navigation through complex documents.

Drag-and-drop document resources or page resources into the document tree to create new document elements. The Location where the new element can be created is conveniently highlighted showing where a resource can be dropped.

Use drag-and-drop inside of the tree to relocate document elements. All names in the tree are editable - use the F2 functional key or click on a selected element to start editing.

Document tree nodes are synchronized with pages and reporting elements. When you click on a tree node, the corresponding element on the page will be highlighted and scrolled to.

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