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Layout Types

Layout type can be changed at any time.

TARGET Reports supports the following layout styles:


Table report layout renders the report in a table form. The table columns correspond to grouping fields, reporting fields and aggregate functions.

Table records correspond to data source rows fetched according to the scope and grouped using the report setup grouping criteria. Sub-total records are inserted into the resulting table as needed.

See Report types for samples of the table layout.

   Cross Tab

The Crosstab layout enables dynamic formation of horizontal groups.  Consider the example below, where records in a table contain a Region, an Order Date and the Price.  Crosstab enables horizontal display of the sum of all prices arranged according to each time period.

A crosstab report can be considered a summary report with the last grouping level displayed horizontally.






The following is the result for the above setup:

   1 - Grouping fields
   2 - Subtotals
   3 - Grand Total


TARGET Reports supports over fifteen different chart types. Multiple type charts allow to combine graphs of different types on the same chart.
High level of customization allows to design a best suitable visual appearance and data representation.
TARGET Reports charting provides several unique features including gradient based coloring; data driven labels, colors and initial values.
Two levels grouping can be represented in chart reports as 2D or 3D graphs.

Bar Graphs


Pie Charts

Line Graphs




Financial. High-Open-Close, High-Low-Open-Close, Candlestick



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