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The Resources are located at the lower right pane of the TARGET Reports User Interface (UI).  The object (or element) that you click on in the document tree (upper right pane) or in the main editing space will determine how many resource tabs you see in the resource pane.

When you click on a report, there are five tabs (from left to right):  Report Elements, Page Resources, Data Dictionary (fields and aggregate functions), Scripting Resources, and Document Resources.  These five major sections are described below.

Other objects in the document tree, including Free Layouts, will only show three tabs (form left to right):  Report Elements, Page Resources, and Document Resources.

Dictionary Resources

Scripting Resources

Report Elements and Page Resources

Beginning with Target Reports 3.1 Page Resources and Report Elements are now on separate tabs.  Also, beginning in version 3.1 there is now a Free Layout Report Element.  Click on the link above for details on how to use these important building blocks to construct your report.

Document resources

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