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Getting Started

Target Reports, install it, evaluate it, buy it, register it.

Install TARGET Reports

              1. You can download the Target Reports installation package form the Download/Purchase page on the SiMX site. 
              2. Fill in the fields with valid information then click on the Download button for TARGET Reports. 
              3. When your browser shows the "File Download - Security Warning"*, click on the "Run" button to install TARGET Reports immediately or, click on the "Save" button to download the installer program then run it later. (* Microsoft IE)
              4. After the program is installed go to Start -> All Programs -> SiMX-> TARGET Reports to run it.

Evaluate TARGET Reports

While you are running a trial version of TARGET Reports, an evaluation dialog will be displayed each time you start the application. It will show the number of days left for your evaluation.  Sign Up on to increase your trial period from 7 days to 14 days.  If you need even more time, get in touch with us through support and let us know all about your project.  We can usually help.

Buy TARGET Reports

You can purchase one or more perpetual licenses for the standard or developer version of TARGET Reports on the SiMX site or contact us if you need an invoice or other paperwork to proceed.  Your license allows you to receive free updates and on-line support.  If you need consulting support or upgrade protection, contact us for a maintenance plan.

Register TARGET Reports

              1. After purchasing the license(s) you will receive your customer key
              2. Use your customer key for registering the software: copy/paste it into the appropriate field in the Evaluation Dialog (appearing on running the trial version) or in the Register Dialog (obtained from the Help->Register menu).

Now you are ready to get productive!  A good place to start is the TARGET Reports video tutorials.

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