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3. Developer's Reference

TextConverter functionality can be customized using VB Script from inside of TextConverter or it can be customized externally from any programming environments supporting COM or .NET technologies. You can automate TextConverter projects from C#, VB.NET, VB for applications, VB Script, Java Script, etc.


Objects and Methods

TextConverter exposes several built-in objects which methods give you more control over your conversion process.

The objects include:

 TextConverter  To control the conversion procedure
 Target Common useful set of methods
 Value An atomic named piece of information
 DB  Access to a database
 DBCreator To create a new database/table
 DS To specify a data source location

Each object includes its own specific methods or children sub-objects. 

Regular Expressions Guide

When working with TextConverter, you may need to use regular expressions. This is a guide to common regular expressions that you may encounter

In addition to the API based automation, a TextConverter project can be run from a command line.
Here is the command line syntax: