Methods and Properties

TextConverter exposes properties and methods to be used from external programming environments.

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      • append - If append is true, the conversion appends records to the existing table if it is already present.  If it is false, the original table is deleted
      • field_delimiter - The field delimiter separates the input record into fields
      • record_delimiter - The record delimiter transforms the input text stream into input records
      • skip - The number of records to skip in the input file
      • text_qualifier - A character that separates blocks of text, within which all field and record delimiters are ignored
      • names_line - line number with the header


      • Convert() - Starts the text conversion process
      • GetOutputDS() - Returns the output data source object
      • GetStartPath() - Returns a file path to the location from where the TextConverter component was started
      • GetVar() - Returns a target variable
      • GetWorkPath() - Returns the path to the TextConverter component's working folder
      • IsValid() - Checks if the component is ready for the text conversion process
      • NewProject() - Creates a new Text Converter project clearing any settings or changes previously done
      • OpenProject() - Opens a TextConverter project from a file
      • SaveProject() - Saves the current TextConverter project to a file
      • SetInputFile() - Sets an input file

Advanced: The object is exposed through the IConverterX interface.

InterfaceID: {C38C2010-6F76-432c-8913-6266DE6FBDE9}

TypeLibID:   {33014E58-6E4E-4435-B9F6-FA4A3D359463}

CLSID:       {8A95B73E-2FD7-4a4d-B215-FEA9F6F850EA}

ProgID:      ConverterX.ConverterX.1