TextConverter Object

Common Objects

TextConverter object has two way communication interface:
  1.  It calls your implementation of context methods
  2. You call TextConverter object's methods to control it behavior.

Context Methods

Context Methods are event handler which are called by the TextConverter when a corresponding event occurs.

You should implement context methods to customize different phases of the conversion process, such as the start of the process, processing of an input record, the end of the process, etc. 

The Context Methods are:
      • IsNewRecord - Implement this method to handle an irregular record delimiter
      • OnFinishProcess - Implement this method if you want to customize the final actions after the conversion process is done
      • OnRecord - Implement this method for custom calculations of output values, input record analysis, filtering of output records, and other tasks
      • OnRecordDone - This method is mostly implement to handle custom errors
      • OnSetUp - Implement this method to safely alter input/output data sources before connections to all data-sources used or referenced are established
      • OnStartProcess -  Implement this method if you want to make any kind of custom preparation for the process

"this" Object's Properties and Methods

These are a set of methods, including some very useful functions, implemented by the TextConverter object itself and to be called from your script.

Note: This set of methods is specific to TextConverter only and are not available in TARGET Reports or other TARGET applications outside of TextConverter.

Click on this link to see the list of methods and properties.