Provides access to the input fields values of the corresponded template.

Note: DictIn is a legacy name. In TextConverter 4, the input fields dictionary is labeled the same way as the template name, which could be any word, but the "D1" is the default name for the first template. Below we will reference to the object as "D1".

As was mentioned above, the property provides access to the input field values of the template. The input field values are automatically initialized by TextConverter for each new input record. You may want to retrieve the input field values in your script in order to customize field delimiter recognition or to modify the calculation of output fields.

Inner Members

Typing "this.D1." in the script editor will reveal the list of inner methods and existed fields.


Each input field has a single value, which you can use to get the data from the field.


Function OnRecord
 DictOut.Field.value = Left( D1.P1.value, 3 ) & Left( DictIn.P2.value, 4 )
End Function

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