Call this function to receive extended information about a string. Can be used in conjunction with IsFontBold() and IsFontItalic().


Function FStrGet(rec_num, from_pos, to_pos)


numeric record num - the record to be tested
numeric from_pos - position of record to begin the test
numeric to_pos  - position of record to end the test

Return value

variant formatted text, which is an array of the following
      string - the text
array int length - the number of characters or spaces between the segments
array int font ID - the idcould be used as the argument to a such function as this.IsFontBold()


Function OnRecord
      r = this.GetRecordNumber
      if r <> 10 and r<>15 then exit function 'looks at lines 10 and 15
      a = this.FStrGet(r, 1, 10)
      c = ""
      for i = 1 to UBound(a)
           for j = 0 to ubound(a(i))
                c = c & a(i)(j) & ","
           c= c & "|"
      Target.Message this.IsFontBold(a(3)(0))
End Function 

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