Forms Mode Options

Templates generated in forms mode can not be manually adjust. These templates are generated automatically. Adjustments to forms templates are made through artificial intelligence learning.


1. To use forms, load an input document and select "Forms" for the Mode in the options section.
2. A drop down menu will appear on the button bar labeled "Templates".
3. Select "Generate Templates..."
4. One or more templates will appear on the dropdown menu. Select the template that best fits your extraction task.


LearningSelects the mode of training used by TextConverter's artificial intelligence to select and create form templates.  Learning can be set to: 
Initial Single-form - The artificial intelligence trains to the number of lines to preview depth for the current input data source only.
Initial Multi-form - The artificial intelligence trains to the number of lines to preview depth for multiple records.
Continuous - The artificial intelligence continues to train against each new input data file that is opened to the number of lines to preview depth.
Off - No further changes are made to the template(s).

Scanned image - Check this box if the source of your input PDF is a scanned image.  The Scanned image setting determines whether or not font variations are considered for pattern detection during automatic extraction.  Fonts are not considered for scanned images but may be used if this box is not checked.

Pages for Preview/Learning - The words displayed for this option change based on the file format.  This option selects the number of pages (or lines) displayed in the input and preview panes and, when working with templates, the depth of analysis for learning mode template creation and selection.  This may impact performance noticeably depending on your computing platform and the complexity of your project.