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A2. Operating Modes

The operating mode determines the behavior of TextConverter. Choose your Mode based on the type of input document you are extracting your data from.

TextConverter can operate in one of four modes: Auto, Manual, Delimited and Forms. The current operating mode can be selected by setting the Mode property in the Options pane.

TextConverter Modes

Auto Mode (default) provides visual means that enable users with no programming skills to solve a wide range of data extraction tasks. The goal is achieved through highlighting the relevant areas of text in the input preview, using several context commands and setting a number of properties for the data extraction templates, input and output fields' dictionaries.

Manual Mode provides ultimate flexibility for professionals with programming background to solve data extraction and processing tasks of virtually any complexity. In this mode projects are configured using VBScript taking advantage of the vast VBScript resources combined with powerful built-in TextConverter libraries. The platform libraries cover a wide range of functionality including text parsing, data transformation and processing as well as working with the file system, email objects, and internet resources. Scripting also can be used in combination with all other operational modes.

Delimited Mode is used for structured input documents including comma separated values (csv), pipe separate values, Excel files or any other delimited sources for data mapping, transformation and loading into a relational database or flat file data storage. While TextConverter provides this convenient interface for importing structured data files, SiMX also offers professional users DbConverter, a fully featured component for more advanced mapping of structured data sources.