Manual Mode - Scripting

Manual Mode is the most versatile and powerful mode for TextConverter. Manual mode sets up TextConverter to use VBScript script to extract data. In addition to all of the functions and methods available in VBScript, The target platform provides a large library of powerful built-in objects designed specifically for data processing, data transformation, and data extraction.
Below is a  Screenshot of TextConverter in Manual mode showing the Scripting Tab center left instead of the default Preview/Options tab. If you are familiar with scripting in TextConverter using VBScript and just need to get started with all of the powerful built in functions and methods, jump to the Developer's Reference section of the help site.

Scripting takes place in the script pane of the user interface.  Scripting is a powerful, yet simple tool to achieve unlimited flexibility in data extraction, translation, mapping, and conversion.

To search the scrip being edited press CTRL+F and a search dialog will appear. To search and replace, press CTRL+H.

When you are editing a script the Ln (line) and Col (column) position of the cursor appear in the lower right corner of the scripting pane.

Date Properties/Variables appear in the left half of the scripting pane.  If you wish to hide/show this pane, click on the vertical blue pencil icon.

The Script editor provides the ability to customize the predefined text conversion procedure and to create and use target variables. Working with the script editor is very intuitive. For example, if you need to customize an output value just follow three simple steps:

After you click on the "Create Script Conversion" item, the OnRecord context method will be inserted with a line of code for the corresponding field customization:

'----------------- OnRecord -----------------

Function OnRecord

DictOut.Price10.value = Empty

End Function

Now, take an input field and use it as a resource:


Another simple way to begin the implementation of context methods is through script editor's context menu or "Script Resources" dialog :



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