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B2. Tutorials - Step by Step

These tutorials teach you how to do several tasks in TextConverter, using various sample documents.

              • Single-line, Positional - One of the simplest documents to work with consist of one-line fields that are positional. This tutorial will walk you through making a single line positional template using a sample EZPass Statement
              • Multi-line, Positional Documents - Sometimes, documents may have fields that consist of multiple lines. This sample will walk you through working with mulitple-line documents with the help of a Kice Quote sample PDF
              • Field Customization - Take advantage of the new capabilities in the field outputs, including calculated output fields and composite fields.
                • Calculated Fields - Use calculated fields to alter data from multiple input fields in a single output
                • Look-up Tables - Use look-up tables to easily change multiple outputs
                • Composite Input - Use a composite input to divide data from a single input to multiple outputs
              • Creating Reports - TARGET Reports is now integrated into TextConverter4, making creating reports easier than ever
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