Field Customization

After all the desired fields have been selected, you may want to customize the input fields and the output fields to better suit your needs. 

Input field properties 
      1. Field Name - This can be used in a calculated field definition, or can be accessed via scripting. 
      2. Type - String, Numeric, Date, and Mask. This is used to validate the input data. With Mask, you can specify an arbitrary regular expression. 
      3. Can Be Empty - Validates the input data, allowing fields to be empty if necessary. 
      4. Can Touch Left/Right Field - You may want to allow two fields to have less space in between them, or to even touch. The separation itself is defined by the Field Delimiter property in Template Properties. 
      5. Exclude - This is a regular expression option that allows you to exclude fields with certain values from your output. 
Output field properties
      1. Custom Setup - From here, you can choose to work with a calculated field or a look-up table
      2. Composite Input - Here, you can determine the settings to create a composite input/output field. 
Special cases