Calculated Fields

Calculated field is an output dictionary field configured to generate its value by performing calculations on multiple input and other output fields. 

Calculated fields are implemented using VBScript as a single expression returning a value. This expression can contain any standard VBscript functions as well as the built-in Target objects and functions.  

Calculated Fields

To set up a calculated field:

      1. Select or create a new output field.
      2. In the field property pane, check the "Use calculated field" check box - a Calculated field property shows up.
      3. Click on the Calculated field property to open a new pane for entering a calculated field's expression.
      4. Use VBScript to construct your calculation expression. 

While constructing a calculating expression, you can drag/drop input and/or output fields from the corresponding dictionary into the calculating expression pane. You also can type a Target object's name, put a dot next to it to see the hint list with available sub-objects and functions. In the example above the calculating expression uses the Mid function from the string library (strlib) of the trg (short for Target) object (see its hint list below) to extract the numeric part of the D1.P4 ("Case Number") input field. The first parameter of the function is the P4 input field of the D1 template and the other two are the regular expressions for the first and second tags. 

Target object hint list

If instead of one line expression you would like to employ a full power of scripting programming, you can use the "Create Script Conversion" command (see below) to generate the initial script expression in the Scripting Editor. 

Create Script Conversion

Initial Calculation expression in Script Editor

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