Lookup Tables

Use Lookup Tables to automatically replace the value extracted with a corresponding value in a lookup table.

Look-up tables can be very useful when you have several lines of data that you might want to alter. In this sample, we will use the look-up table with the EZPass sample statement.

Using look-up tables:

      1. After you load the input file, set up the statement with single line positional templates.

      1. In this example, we will replace the extracted abbreviations (RITBA and NPB) with their full names using a look-up table.
      2. Select the field you want to work with, such as P4 for RITBA.
      3. In the output field options pane, check off "Use Look Up"
      4. In the new Look-up Table field, you can create your look-up table (you can also open a pre-made table)
      5. Under Look-up, type "RITBA"
      6. Under Replace with, enter what you want to replace RITBA with, "Rhode Island Turnpike/Bridge Authority," in this case.

      1. Repeat this process with NPB, replacing it with Newport/Pell Bridge
      2. You may have to alter the width of these fields to accommodate the new values.

Congratulations, you have used a look-up table!

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