Sepp Leaf Products Invoice sample

Working with Tags

This sample shows the new "Tag Based Value" property of TextConverter. This feature allows you to set a tag and then you can set anything in the document as the value. An important thing to know about tags and values is how they are recognized. For a tag, when you highlight something Text Convertor takes what is tagged and records it. TC does this because it looks through the rest of the document to re-tag what it recorded earlier if it is repeated. However, when you set a value, Text Convertor doesn’t record anything, it records the area of the document that is selected as the value relative to the tag. This is done because the value is generally a variable and the only thing that should be a constant from document to document is its position relative to the tag.

In this sample, we will be setting some tags.

      1. After you load the input file, one of the tags that we can make is the PO# tag. Highlight PO#, right click -> Add tag. You should see that it selects the term "Shipvia" by default.

      1. To correct this, select the term that you do want "009ASEP0109," right click -> Set Value For -> PO#. This will set the desired value to be under the PO# tag.

      1. We will repeat this process for INVOICE#.
      2. Notice how this time, when you added INVOICE# as a tag, it automatically selected the correct values.
      3. Don't forget to drag the new fields from the input dictionary to the output dictionary so that they are in your output preview.

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