Commercial Invoice Sample

For this specific example all of the tags were easy, just set the tag then set the value, except Invoice Number. The Invoice Number has a date attached to the end of it so we have to separate the two. We can do this using regular expression.

This uses the tag-based fields found in several samples.

      1. After loading the input document, select the field you want. For example, we will select Reference Number as a tag.

      1. Then we will select the data right under it, and set it as a value for Reference Number.

      1. Repeat this process for all the other tags you want. We used Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Applicant, and Total.
      2. You'll notice that when you select Invoice Number as a tag, the default result includes a date value, which we do not want. This can be solved with regular expressions.
      3. After dragging the new tags from the input dictionary to the output dictionary, you can add a mask in the output field properties pane (it will be under Composite Input).
      4. We will use regular expressions to isolate the first number value, so in the mask value field, we will type "\d+"

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