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 While you are running a trial version of a SiMX software package including TARGET ReportsTextConverter, an evaluation dialog will be displayed each time you start the application. It will show the number of days left for your evaluation.

Upgrading from the trial version

Upon expiration of your trial, you will be prompted to enter a new Trial or Customer key.  However, if you wish to register your software prior to expiration of your trial, please click the Help menu item and select Register.

If you install a version of TextConverter, TARGET Reports, or another TARGET component on top of a previous installation and then uninstall the new version, you may need to repair the previous version.  To repair an installed application, go to the Windows Control Panel and Add or Remove Programs (Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs) Click on TextConverter (or TARGET Reports), click "Click here for support information", Click the repair button. 

Note:  Running the installer for the previous version after you uninstall the new version will display the same repair dialog.

Moving your software to another computer

How do I move my SiMX Software license from one computer to another?  You can install and move your licensed copies of TextConverter or TARGET Reports from one computer to another. When in need to move TextConverter or TARGET Reports from one machine to another - unregister (Help->Unregister menu) on the first computer and register (using your customer key) on the other computer.  While you register or unregister your computer must be connected to the internet, but after you have registered or unregistered you can work off-line.

Go to Help menu and choose Unregister  to unregister the application.  Now you can register the application on another computer.

If your environment is offline full time, you will register and unregister with the same process. You will "Export" the request, then carry the export text file to a computer (or other device) with internet access to e-mail the key line shown in the export file to 

When you register offline, our process e-mails an activation key to the e-mail address of record for the software.  This is an activation key that you then enter into the same place where you had entered the customer key.   When you unregister offline, the process is the same in that you create the export request file request, then carry the export text file to a computer (or other device) with internet access to e-mail the line into Instead of an activation key coming back to the e-mail of record, you just get a note that “TextConverter 3.1 was unregistereded successfully.”  You can not use your activation key to unregister.  You must use your customer key.  If you need a copy of your customer key, login at or contact support at simx dot com.

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