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Date Formats

The Date formats dialog allows you to create and edit formats to be used to format date values.

The date format masks supported by Target components include:

M - one or two digit month number

MM - two digits month number

MMM - short month name

MMMM - long month name

D - one or two digit day number

DD - two digits day number

DDD - short week day name

DDDD - long week day name

YY - two digit year

YYYY - four digit year

q - year quarter

H - one or two digit hour value from 0 to 24

HH - two digits hour value from 0 to 24

h - one or two digit hour value from 0 to 12 AM or PM

hh - two digit hour value from 0 to 12 AM or PM

m - one or two digit minute value

mm - two digit minute value

s - one or two digit second value

ss - two digit second value

Click on an already selected format or press F2 while an item is selected to begin editing.  A sample on the right will give you immediate feedback while you are typing. Double-click on an item in the list or click "OK" to assign the selected date format to the object, whose property you are currently editing. Any change made to the formats will be stored.  Click "Reset" button to restore the default list.