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Scope Editor

Scope is used for restricting the number of records retrieved by Data Object from data source. Its value represents the WHERE clause of the SQL query statement. Scope variable is a member of the Data Object and can be used for visual connectivity between TARGET components.  

Scope variable can be modified using Scope Editor accessible as part of the Data Object property editor. The scope editor allows visual construction of criteria used to filter the records from the data source. The field list in the left part of the editor (same as the input dictionary) is a resource for building scope expressions by drag-and-dropping fields from it into the section on the right. It is also possible to write a valid SQL expressions in the SQL expression editor.

Invert Scope option allows you to invert the scope criteria so only the records, which are not in the scope will be fetched.

HAVING in SQL specifies that a SQL SELECT statement should only return rows where aggregate values meet the specified conditions.

for Example:
Returns a list of Department IDs whose total sales exceeded $1000 on the date of January 1, 2000, along with the sum of their sales on that date.
SELECT DeptID, SUM(SaleAmount) FROM Sales
WHERE SaleDate = '01-Jan-2000'
HAVING SUM(SaleAmount) > 1000

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