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What's new?

Now in beta.

Auto mode

TextConverter V4 has a new visual interface to minimize scripting, making working with data extraction easier and more user-friendly than ever.  


Create separate templates from any number of levels from the header to single- or multi-line detail records. If a template does not include a desired line, you can click on the line, and TC4 will display the reason. 

Output Fields

Calculated output fields that allow exploding an address to its components, or using look-up tables. 


Using look-up tables or masks, create parameters that will organize your fields and templates much more quickly. Look-up tables and masks can be easily created through the UI, or by uploading a pre-created data file. 

Field properties

TextConverter V4 is now more powerful than ever, and offers a wide variety of field properties that will help you specify what you are looking for. 


When you click the M button, TextConverter V4 will generate a file that displays all of the lines that were not included in a template. 

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