TARGET Reports by SiMX

TARGET Reports empowers data savvy professionals to effortlessly produce professional management reports without programming.

TARGET Reports is built on the idea of an extremely easy and transparent user interface (UI).  This UI enables any user, experienced or not, to complex and professional report documents. Unlike many report writers including Crystal Reports, TARGET Reports is capable of producing integrated report documents containing multiple data-driven reporting elements, such as tables and charts. The user is able to produce fully formatted report documents that include text, graphics, charts, and tables in Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, RTF, and other popular document formats.

TARGET Reports 101 - Online Support

Installation, Evaluation, Registration, Purchasing, and Getting Assistance

The role of TARGET Reports in the delivery of comprehensive reporting solutions.  The three layers of sophisticated report creation:  Data Access, Data Processing, and Presentation.

A detailed view of each screen, menu item, and option within TARGET Reports.

This simple series of steps in the TARGET Reports' work flow process can be used either as a tutorial or as reference for particular Report generation operations.

This section provides a series of sample reports complete with both sample project files and sample input data.  Each sample teaches a different aspect of TARGET Reports' capabilities.

Reference for Scripting

The reference fro scripting section of the help system includes the functions, objects, and methods for scripting.  This section also includes code samples and other information required for automation through the application programing interface (API).

Related Sections

TARGET Reports vs. Crystal Reports

Processing Automation 

TextConverter, TARGET Reports, and SiMX's other packages are TARGET Applications.  SiMX TARGET Applications are a collection of software components to solve your problems through a unique blend of flexibility, power, and intuitive interfaces.

The TARGET Platform is a visual integration platform designed to facilitate construction of extensive systems. This platform works with TARGET-Compliant components one or more of which have been installed on your computer.

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