Scripting is a powerfull, yet simple tool to achieve unlimited flexibility in customizing report generator behavior. Through scripting you can define scripted terms, customize aggregation rules, use data-driven queries, and more.

To customize different aspects of reporting, it is possible to implement  context methods.  These methods are called by TARGET Reports during the report generation process. You decide which methods should be implemented depending on your needs.

Scripting resources can be grouped into the following categories:

Context methods
Implement context methods to customize any phase of the report generation process such as the start of the process, groups processing, the end of the process, etc.

This methods
The set of methods implemented by the Report Element object. You call this methods from your context methods to pass data to and fro with the Report Element object.

Target methods
Utility methods implemented by the Target object to facilitate some common tasks like formatting, working with arrays, etc.

A pre-built set of objects (variables), which allow you to extend the TARGET Reports functionality by connecting to additional input and output data sources exposing your internal script objects for external automation, etc.

VB Script
VB script language capabilities, VB script libraries, external objects' functionality.

Drag-and-drop or double-click a resource variable you are going to use or a context method you are going to implement to begin script customization.

 - Compile script / Check syntax. Syntax error message will appear in the status bar if any errors were encountered.

 - View VB script language description and reference.

 - Launch resource dialog.

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