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This is the official help site for the Target Data Processing Suite and the Target Application Development Suite. 

Target Data Processing Suite (TDPS) provides the necessary means for rapid development of complex and robust automated data processing projects. TDPS consist of a number of interactive data processing components focused on particular workflow steps that are easily understood by non-IT and IT users alike. It also includes an Integrator component, which enables visual integration of data processing components by linking them to each other via their objects and variable.

Target Application Development Suite (TADS) provides all the capabilities of TDPS and also enables rapid visual design of intranet web applications for monitoring and managing those data processing projects.

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The Target ETL platform was designed with the main goal of enabling data experts to provide information services without engaging any IT resources.

III. The Components included in the Target Suite

IntegratorTextConverter, CSV Importer, DbConverter, Scripting, Data Browser, Coder, General, TARGET Reports, TargetXP, Combiner, Mailer, Packager, and Portal Designer

IV. Setting Up a Workflow: Step by Step

This section contains two sets (with and without templates) of nine steps in the TextConverter work flow process that can be used either as a tutorial or as a reference for a particular extraction project. Most ETL projects require only a subset of these nine steps.

V. Sample Projects and Management Platforms

Automation Manager

VI. Programmer's Reference

The programmer's reference section of the help system includes the functions, objects, and methods for scripting This section also includes code samples and other information required for automation through the application programming interface (API).

Related Sections

Working with Templates

Parsing with Script 

Automating your Process

TextConverter, TARGET Reports, and SiMX's other packages are TARGET Applications. SiMX TARGET Applications are a collection of software components to solve your problems through a unique blend of flexibility, power, and intuitive interfaces.

The TARGET Platform is a visual integration platform designed to facilitate construction of extensive systems. This platform works with TARGET-Compliant components one or more of which have been installed on your computer.

For a list of available components, please visit our downloads page

Support for TextConverter
Support for TARGET Reports

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