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Empower your organization by taking advantage of the critical data contained in the growing number of computer generated documents: reports, newsletters, web pages, etc. Make the data available for your company’s everyday needs by bringing it into your database system. SiMX TextConverter is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

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TextConverter is a powerful automation ETL tool for extracting data from popular document formats including PDF, DOC/DocX, RTF, XLS/XLSX, HTML, CSV and free formatted text files. It also provides all the necessary means for data transformation and loading into any conventional database or flat file format (ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Access, Excel, FoxPro, and more).  Extract data from MS Office documents including office 2007 with our support for XLS, XLSX, DOC, and DOCX inputs as well as XLS and XLSX outputs.

The distinguishing feature of TextConverter is its unique pattern recognition capability. SiMX TextConverter detects reoccurring patterns in your document's data layout, formatting, and content to identify records and field structure in one step without any required scripting.

TextConverter 101 - Online Support

List of all TextConverter's help articles.

Installation, Evaluation, Registration, Purchasing, Getting Assistance

The role of TextConverter in the Extraction, Translation, and Loading Process; How artificial intelligence templates work; How manual VBScript parsing works

A detailed view of each screen, menu item, and option within TextConverter

This section contains two sets (with and without templates) of nine steps in the TextConverter work flow process that can be used either as a tutorial or as a reference for a particular extraction project. Most ETL projects require only a subset of these nine steps.

This section provides a series of sample conversions complete with both sample project files and sample input data sources. Each sample teaches a different aspect of TextConverter's capabilities.

Programmers Reference

The scripting reference section of the help system includes the functions, objects, and methods for scripting.  This section also includes code samples and other information required for automation through the application programming interface (API).

Scripting resources can be grouped into the following categories:

Context methods - Implement context methods to customize different phases of the conversion process, such as the start of the process, processing of an input record, the end of the process, etc.  Context methods are obtained by right clicking in the script editor or variables pane.

.This methods - are a set of methods, including some very useful functions, implemented by the TextConverter object.  This methods are obtained by typing "this." in the script editor then selecting from the list of methods.  The .this methods are specific to TextConverter and are not available in TARGET Reports or other TARGET applications outside of TextConverter.

.TARGET methods
- are a set of utility methods implemented by the TARGET object facilitate some useful common tasks like parsing text data into elements, working with arrays, etc.  TARGET methods are obtained by typing "target." in the script editor then selecting from the list of methods.  The .target methods and functions are available through both TextConverter and TARGET Reports, as well as, other TARGET applications.  NOTE:  "trg" also works as a shortcut for the target object
Variables - A pre-built set of objects (variables), which allow you to extend the text conversion functionality by connecting to additional input and output data sources, including files and database tables, exposing your internal script objects for an external automation, etc.  Variables are obtained by right clicking in the variables pane (the left section of the script editor).

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Working with Templates

Parsing with Script 

Automating your Process

TextConverter, TARGET Reports, and SiMX's other packages are TARGET Applications. SiMX TARGET Applications are a collection of software components to solve your problems through a unique blend of flexibility, power, and intuitive interfaces.

The TARGET Platform is a visual integration platform designed to facilitate construction of extensive systems. This platform works with TARGET-Compliant components one or more of which have been installed on your computer.

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