VBScript Programmer's Reference

The programmer's reference section of the help system includes the functions, objects, and methods for scripting.  This section also includes code samples and other information required for automation through the application programing interface (API).

Parsing with Script - a guide to the high level objects, available for scripting in TextConverter and other SiMX Target components.  This includes Context Methods (like OnRecord) that execute sections of script when certain events occur, parsing functions available in the .this object, other high level functions available in the .target object, and powerful high level variables available throughout the environment.

Regular Expression Syntax - a guide to the syntax used for regular expressions within TextConverter and other SiMX Target components.

Script Editor - a guide to the user interface (UI) for scripting

Automation - a guide to automated use of the program through the API

TextConverter, TARGET Reports, and our other packages are TARGET Applications.  SiMX TARGET Applications are a collection of software components to solve your problems through a unique blend of flexibility, power, and intuitive interfaces.

The TARGET Platform is a visual integration platform designed to facilitate construction of extensive systems. This platform works with TARGET-Compliant components one or more of which have been installed on your computer.

For a list of available components, please visit our downloads page

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