2.3 Dictionary


- No repeatable record delimiter.
- Rule-based record recognition.
- Define the record-delimiting rule using the IsNewRecord function.

location:  InstallDir/Samples/TextConverter/2 Irregular field and record delimiters/

project file:  InstallDir/Samples/TextConverter/2 Irregular field and record delimiters/2.3 Dictionary.ConverterX

Open the "2.2 Dictionary.ConverterX" project file by pressing the Open () tool bar button or by selecting "Open Project" from the "File" menu.
The input file consists of dictionary terms and their definitions. The information relevant to a single input record spans several lines of the input text and there is no replicated record delimiter. Looking at the input file (click the icon to the left of the file name/path) to view the original input text), we can conclude that all lines starting with a word and not a number are at the beginning of new records. We use the IsNewRecord context method to implement this criterion as a record delimiter.  (See the sample script for details). Such a powerfull approach allows implementation of arbitrary logic for record delimiting rule definition.
Each change in the script is immediatly reflected in the output preview, which makes it easy to create custom conversions quickly and without errors. Select the output database table and click Run () to start the conversion.

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