3.1 GroupMerge


- Record accumulation using the AddToBuffer method.
- Record filtering using the SkipRecord method.
- Manual record insertion using the AppendRecord method.

location:  InstallDir/Samples/TextConverter/3 Heterogeneous input/

project file:  InstallDir/Samples/TextConverter/3 Heterogeneous input/3.1 GroupMerge.ConverterX

Open the "3.1 GroupMerge.ConverterX" project file by pressing the Open tool bar () or by selecting "Open Project" from the "File" menu.

The input file contains two levels of information: item details and group total info. The task is to merge the total level data into each item record.

The logic behind the implementation of this task is simple: accumulate the input records corresponding to item details until we encounter a subtotal level.  Then we modify the output record for each accumulated item with respect to the retrieved total info and save the record into the output database table.  (See sample script for details.)

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