3.2 Relations


- Main output table stores document-related information.
- Proxy data object to stores account level data.
- Link two tables by primary/foreign key - AccountID using the OnRecord context method customization.

location:  InstallDir/Samples/TextConverter/3 Heterogeneous input/

project file:  InstallDir/Samples/TextConverter/3 Heterogeneous input/3.2 Relations.ConverterX

Open the "3.2 Relations.ConverterX" project file by pressing the Open button on the tool bar () or by selecting "Open Project" from the "File" menu.

The input file contains several levels of data, but we are interested in just two: the account and document levels. There are multiple document items per account. The sample illustrates how two related database tables can be created and populated by a single conversion process.  (See sample script for details.)

Main output is connected to the Documents table to store document level data.
The Proxy Data object is connected to the Accounts table.
Create the Account table before beginning the process of conversion.
Skip the record if it does not belong to either accounts or documents.
Initialize and append the record into the Accounts table.
Store the account ID into the Documents table AccountID field for referential integrity.

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