Parsing with Script

TextConverter (Versions 2.2 and higher) provides support for the parsing with script including VBScript and regular expresions (regex).  For text data and CSV files, support is also provided for arbitrary delimiters.  Support for positional (fixed length) input is provided through high level script functions and support for positional (fixed length) output is also provided through the output data source UI.  Data is extracted from the input document and converted to text preserving the original layout. 
To begin parsing with script, explore the samples provided with your software by choosing samples from the help menu.  After you have explored the samples, read the documentation for all the specialized high level parsing functions and methods build into TextConverter through the .this object and the .target object.
Scripting - help page
Depending on the input file type TextConverter offers various data-to-text conversion modes as described below.  These are selected through the options pane in the lower right corner of the UI.

Input File Type AI Template Support  Parsing Modes (Manual Modes)
Text (Txt) Yes standard parsing mode
Comma Separated Values (Csv) No

standard parsing mode

HTML (Html) Yes Simple, Separated
PDF (Pdf) Yes Compact, Expanded, Native
Doc, Docx, RTF (Rtf) Yes Simple, Separated, Single Form by Fields
Excel (Xls and Xlsx) Yes standard parsing mode
Input File type - TextConverter will automatically set the file type based on the extension or you can force and the file type by making a selection from the Open File As drop down in the options pane.

AI Template Support - Templates automatically generated with artificial intelligence (AI) are available in all modes except for csv files where the data is already highly structured through the use of delimiters.
Parsing Modes - listed in the options pane as Manual Mode, allow you to select how the text is extracted through the file type api.  Standard parsing mode means that there is only one way the text can be presented so no Manual Mode option appears for that type.
Single Form by Fields - This is a special mode for MS Word forms.  Word forms allow data to be placed in fields for structured extraction.  Single Form by fields mode extracts only the Word form data that has been placed in fields.

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