TARGET Components

The SiMX Target Platform empowers a wide range of users including non-programmers and professional programmers alike to easily build and maintain a wide range of applications from data processing automation to fully featured web-enabled systems. The SiMX Target Platform consists of a number of problem-focused components that can be used as standalone applications, as well as, building blocks for the visual design of complex systems. The full set of Target Components is shown below in the Target Application Development Suite (TADS). 

Integrator provides the playing ground for building and managing automated data processing procedures and enables the rapid development of robust workflow and data processing applications. TARGET Integrator is included in the TARGET Data Processing Suite (TDPS) and the TARGET Application Development Suite (TADS).

SiMX TextConverter is a powerful and yet easy-to-use software tool for extracting data from popular document formats including PDF, MS Word (doc/docx/RTF), Excel (XLS/XLSX), HTML, CSV, and free formatted text files. It also provides all the necessary means for data transformation and loading into any conventional database or flat file format (ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Access, Excel, FoxPro, and more). It offers the best of both worlds: a flexible and intuitive visual interface for users with no programming background combined with advanced support for professional programmers. TextConverter is available in three editions, Standard, Professional, and Server. TextConverter is also included in the Target Data Procession Suite and the Target Application Development Suite. 

DbConverter provides visual means for data merging, splitting, updating, mapping, and more. It allows joining multiple tables from an unlimited number of data sources across different databases and protocols.  DbConverter is included in the TARGET Data Processing Suite and the TARGET Application Development Suite.

The Scripting component provides a convenient environment for invoking VBScript functionality. It is offered as a stand-alone component for building multistep processing workflows as well as an integrated part of other Target components including TextConverter and Target Reports. The Scripting component provides access to a variety of user-defined and built-in Target platform objects and libraries offering a wide range of advanced functionality covering virtually every aspect of any modern system/application including database management, file system handling, text parsing, web scraping, email, and much more.

The Data Browser is a visual data browsing and analytical component used in relevant contexts throughout the target platform for the on-the-fly analysis of data. It allows visual data querying using complex dynamic views based on an unlimited number of data sources. It supports both detailed and summary querying, allows recursive and summary calculated fields, provides visual support for data filtering, unlimited sorting, and more. The Data Browser can also be used as a data processing component in multi-step automated processing projects. 

Target Reports

Target Reports has an intuitive user interface enabling any user, experienced or not, to create complex and professionally looking report documents in minutes. Target Reports is capable of producing integrated fully formatted reports that include text, graphics, charts, and tables in Word, Excel, PDF, and HTML document formats. Target Reports is available as a standalone product (in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Server) as well as a part of Target Data Procession Suite and Target Application Development Suite.

Free Form Reports

As opposed to Target Reports where the goal is to let the user produce professionally looking reports with minimum effort, Free Form Reports provides maximum flexibility for configuring reports with virtually unlimited layout and formatting. Similar to Target Reports, it allows producing integrated reports from multiple data sources that contain the same resources text, graphics, charts, and tables, but without the automatic formatting limitations. Free Form Reports is available as part of the Target Data Procession Suite and Target Application Development Suite.

Portal Designer

Portal Designer is an authoring tool for building data-intensive web applications. It enables the easy design of complex dynamic web pages with extensive server-based functionality and extensive use of databases. Used as part of the Target Application Development Suite.