Working with the API

The Satndard Editions of SiMX TextConverter and Target Reports do not offer access to the API. All other editions and suites allow full access to the API.

Automation is a programming technique, which makes it possible for one application to manipulate objects implemented in another application or to expose objects so they can be manipulated.

TextConverter is implemented as an automation server that exposes its functionality through interfaces to other applications. The exposure enables Automation clients to automate certain functions by directly accessing TextConverter's objects and using the services it provides. There are two widely accepted hosting environments for applications automation:

1) COM aware languages like VBSscript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Java, C++ etc.

2) .NET framework with arbitrary .NET languages like VB.NET, JAVA.NET, C# etc.

TextConverter can be used as a COM object and as a .NET component, so it can be automated from both environments. TextConverter can be used from many different frameworks : ASP, ASP.NET, Web page, Windows Script Host, DTS, .NET application, etc.