Register VBScript.dll

If you are running an installation of Windows where VBScript is not properly registered, you can follow these instructions to fix the problem. 

Note:  This is a rare case that we have only seen with certain installations of Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit but it can occur with any current version of Windows.  Fixing this requires administrator privileges on the machine.  If you are not an administrator, contact your company help desk.  There can be a number of variations on this problem, for example, the VBScript and JScript DLLs might be registered for a particular user instead of for the machine.  If you are having this problem or any other issue installing TextConverter or TARGET Reports on your machine, contact SiMX for support.

If you receive Internal Error 2738 when trying to install...


Vbscript.dll is not currently registered or not registered correctly on the machine. To resolve this error you need to manually register this windows .dll file.


Target Directory:

32 bit windows: %windir%/system32 (usually something like C:\windows\system32)

64 bit Windows : %windir%/syswow64 (usually something like C:\windows\syswow64)

Step 1. Verify that you have vbscript.dll in your Target directory as stated above

Step 2. Run command prompt as administrator. ( Start > Accessories > right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator )

Step 3. The command prompt should open to something like C:\Windows\system32 ( your path might be different, but you want the system32 folder underneath your windows directory. )

Step 4. make sure to Unregister vbscript dll first:

type everything that appears in the quotes on the command line, but you do not need to use quotes, you should see a message popup verifying that vbscript.dll unregistered correctly.

32bit - type "regsvr32 /U %windir%/system32/vbscript.dll"

64bit - type "regsvr32 /U %windir%/syswow64/vbscript.dll"

Step 5. Now register vbscript.dll

you should see a message about succuessful registration popup

32bit - type "regsvr32 %windir%/system32/vbscript.dll"

64bit - type "regsvr32 %windir%/syswow64/vbscript.dll" 6.) Rerun our installation and it should go through now.