Replace Data Sources

Replace Data Sources dialog allows to manage all the project's external data connections including files and databases. It could be open manually from the File menu or opens automatically on opening a project if any of the data sources had some problems: could not be found or had different structure compared to the one defined in the project.

The top section of the dialog shows the list of data sources used in the project with the three columns: 'Sources' - shows the data source name remembered in the project, 'Replace with' - shows suggested data source name (with the yellow folder button for replacing it), and 'Status' - represents the current status of the data source: red cross icon for missing data source, brown exclamation sign - for the discrepancy between the output data source field structure and the corresponding data dictionary in the project, and green check sign for 'all is fine'.  

In the second section the References column shows the subcomponents that use the selected data source and the Type column shows how the data source was used: IN - input, OUT - output, and IN/OUT - mixed.

The third section (optional) shows the list of fields that have discrepancies between the data source (DB) and the project along with the description of the problem (Exists/missing or has different type/width).  

TextConverter has automatic data source adaptation, which makes it easier to move projects from environment to environment.

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