Sample 1.3 (TR)


- Using TARGET variables to control reporting behavior.

- Using script to implement database driven querying.

Project file:  InstallDir/Samples/TARGET Reports/1.3

This sample illustrates how a value stored in a TARGET variable can be used for modification of a custom field and how a database-driven scope can be defined using the OnStartReport context method implementation.

 - Create a TARGET variable. (See scripting)

 - Initialize the default value for the variable. All TARGET variables are available in an external programming environments through automation.  Thus, any kind of data can be passed to a TARGET Reports object from a controlling environment. This sample uses the Rate variable to convert USD to GBR currency through modification of a custom field. The controlling object can be connected to a live feed containing currency rates and can be set up to run reports based on live data. Line 2 from the script sample below changes the field definition based on the value provided by the Rate TARGET variable.

 - Create the OnStartReport context method. (See Scripting)

Implementation of the OnStartReport context method:

'----------------- OnStartReport -----------------

1.   Function OnStartReport

2.      this.SetTermDefinition "Price1", "Freight*" & Rate.value

3.      Dim last_year

4.      last_year = this.GetStatistics( "MAX(OrderDate)" )

5.      last_year = DateAdd( "yyyy", -1, last_year )

6.      this.scope.Modify "OrderDate>" & Target.FormatDate( last_year, "'MM/DD/YYYY'" )

7.   End Function

The database driven query:

Line 4: calculate the maximum value for "OrderDate" field using the GetStatistics report element's method.

Line 5: reduce the calculated date by one year

Line 6: change the report element's scope according to the calculated date.

Now we have a scope that ensures that only last two years stored in the database will take part in the reporting.

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