The following commands are available from the tool bar as well as from the main menu.

  - New project. Clears all project attributes and sets all properties to default.    - Opens an existing project file. Project files store the details of each conversion project.  See Open/Save dialog to learn how to open a file.    - Saves the current project to a file. If you save the project for the first time, Open/Save dialog will be shown, otherwise, if the project was previously saved, the project will be saved to an existing location. Use the "Save As" menu item from the "File" menu to save the project to a new location.

Save your project - TextConverter stores all of the current settings in a project file.  To save your project, choose "Save Project" form the file menu or click the disc icon (

) on the toolbar.  Elements of a project include:

  - Connects the input and output field(s). When connected, the default conversion procedure will transfer the input values from the input record to the output record.    - Disconnects input and output field(s). When disconnected you can still pass data from the input to the output using script conversion.    - Resets the output dictionary from the input dictionary. The command discards all the changes made to the output dictionary.  After you make changes to the conversion options, it may be necessary to reset the output dictionary.    - Creates a script customization for the selected output field(s).    - Locates the script customization for the selected output field.    - Removes the script customization for the selected output field(s).    - Runs the conversion process. You can view the conversion results in a form of a database table after the process has finished. Click on the Browse button () button on the output pane to see the results. If no output data source is selected through the output pane, the results of your conversion are saved into a temporary database table.


  - Display the help file.