IsNewRecord is called for each new line of the input text. An implementation of this method is needed to handle an irregular record delimiter. For example, a record number is a designated record delimiter and several input text lines belong to a single input record. You can use the record delimiter option for a non-constant delimiter like this, but you can easily solve this issue by implementing the IsNewRecord method.


Function IsNewRecord( text_line )


string text_line - a line of the input text, which should be analyzed to make a decision if a new record begins with this line

Return value

boolean true|false

return true to indicate that the line is a beginning of a new record; otherwise, return false .


This sample illustrates how to handle a non-constant record delimiter (record number).

Function IsNewRecord( text_line )

Dim words

words = target.SplitString( text_line )

If IsArray( words ) And IsNumeric( words(0) ) Then IsNewRecord = true Else IsNewRecord = false

End Function

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