Output Formats

Control you report projects output format with the Run Editor.  The run editor sets up the format to be used to render the report and allows you to turn on automatic display of the report document in the default format-specific viewer.

First, use the radio buttons to select the type of output you want to produce.  You can produce:

RTF- typically used for MS Word documents.  The output report will be rendered as a Rich Text Format document.

HTML - for web pages and HTML e-mail messages

PDF - for total control of display and printing across platforms and viewers

Excel - for spreadsheets or for incorporating the document in a workflow that relies on a spreadsheet

Next, select one or more check boxes.  You can choose:

Show in viewer - generates a temporary file that is displayed in the default viewer for the type selected.  This is great for checking your output while you work or for automated systems where a screen display of the report is one of the desired results.

Save To File - generates a file of the type selected.  When this box is checked two icons will appear.  One to reset the file and the other to set the file name and location.

Save To Database - loads the report's output data to a database.  When this box is checked use the two icons for "Output:" on the Data Source tab to reset the database path and to set the table name and location for each report element in the document.

Database output allows export of reports in a database format. Please set up an output database table for each report element you would like to export by using the data source editor:

Click on the report element in the document tree (upper left pane), then, set the output data source in the data source property editor.  This is the data source tab in the property editor pane (lower right pane).  Report elements that do not have an output data source table selected will not be exported.  Only report elements can be exported to a database. Page Resources, Services used in Free Layout, and other objects can not be exported to database tables without additional workflow steps.

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